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Our mission at Nikki Sorensen Designs is to provide elegant,

timeless, and functional design that elevates and enhances any space.

With a focus on creating personalized designs that reflect your unique

personality and lifestyle, we blend functionality and aesthetics to

create inviting and harmonious environments you'll love coming home to.


About Nikki

Nikki profile picture

Hello, I’m Nikki!

With over 20 years of diverse design experience, my journey has been nothing short of exciting!

Beginning with a degree in interior design and an internship under a skilled designer in Atlanta, Georgia, with familial connections to the

iconic architect Frank Lloyd Wright, I quickly delved into the world of design.

I launched my own design business at a young age. Was it easy? NO! Was it completely thrilling and rewarding? YES!

I’ve had the opportunity to design southern mansions in Atlanta, GA, redesign 1920’s Spanish Revival estates in Santa Barbara, and provide nationwide eDesign services.

It’s more than just design, it’s my passion and I’m excited to bring that passion to your project!

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